QRC Gets Qualified As PCI SSS And PCI Secure SLC Assessor

QRC Assurance And Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading Cybersecurity Certifications and Solutions provider company announced its latest achievement of gaining the credential as PCI Secure Software Assessor Company. This credential will allow QRC to validate a vendor's payment software and/or to evaluate a vendor's software lifecycle. The PCI Secure Software standard is a replacement to the previous payment application assessment framework PA DSS.

The PCI Secure Software Standard and PCI Secure Software Lifecycle standard (PCI Secure SLC) are the components of the PCI Software Security Framework (PCI SSF).

PCI Software Security Framework details the key requirements for a payment software application to be validated against the Secure Software Standard. This compliance with the secure standard, ensures the security of the software, along with the confidentiality of sensitive data that is captured, stored, processed and and transmitted by it.

Payment software that successfully undergoes these conformance are identified on PCI SSC’s list of  Validated Payment Software on the Website  - (the “List of Validated Payment Software”). 

Software Security Framework (SSF) Assessor companies are independent security organizations that have been qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to validate a vendor's payment software and/or to evaluate a vendor's software lifecycle.

QRC Assurance already holds the qualification as a PCI Secure SLC Assessor Company. With the additional qualification, the cybersecurity leader can now assess and validate both, the software products and the secure software development life cycle processes, procedures, and practices as per the requirements of the individual standards i.e PCI Secure Software and PCI Secure Software SLC under the PCI SSF Framework respectively.

“ With the payment economy going digital rapidly and with the increasing dependence on payment softwares for digital transactions, any gap or ineffective management of the software security controls could cost dearly. This is a proud moment for us, as this new qualification enables us to better serve our clients, and help them maintain a stringent security posture and continuous compliance with the payment standard ” - Vamsi Krishna, Founder and CEO, QRC.

The PCI Secure Software credentials is a new feather in the qualifications of QRC. The company already holds the predecessor qualification of PA-DSS QSA, along with other qualifications like PCI DSS QSA, PCI 3DS QSA, PCI Secure SLC QSA, SWIFT Assessor, CERT-IN empanelment and Accredited Certification Body for ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.

With the new credential, QRC would be better equipped to provide One-Stop-Shop for various certification services providing a clear path to compliance.

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12th August, 2021

QRC Solutionz Consultant

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