Thick Client Application Security Testing

Thick Client Application Security Testing

Thick client Application Security testing is to identify vulnerabilities and exploit the identified vulnerabilities in thick client applications installed on the client-side systems and enhance the overall security of the application to prevent from any unauthorized access which can cause an impact on the organization. The testing procedure involves both the local and server-side processing.

Attack surface of thick client application are significant. The security testing is conducted to identify the programming-level issues, file access issues, configuration issues, etc. in the application that can turn out to be vulnerabilities and cause a potential impact on the organization or on business.

As per requirements, QRC is capable of performing network segmentation penetration security testing both onsite as well as offsite

  • In an Onsite assessment, a QRC Security operations team personnel will conduct the assessment from a test system provided by the organization or by using laptop systems brought in the client’s environment by the QRC team.
  • Offsite assessment will be conducted remotely from the QRC network.


During the entire Thick-client Application Security Testing, our clients are kept up to date with the ongoing progress by means reporting at each stage. The multiple phases in the process are as stated below:

  1. Introduction Phase:
    Include Scope, Objective, Approach and Pre-requisites to be followed
  2. Process Summary:
    Includes High-Level findings with visualization
  3. Technical Reporting:
    Vulnerability reporting with CVE ratings
    Mitigation recommendations
  4. Final Reporting:
    Final report disclosing the status with fixed or fail status.

Thick Client Application Security Testing requires expert manual penetration testing skills and a thoughtful, methodical approach. These applications are important for internal operations and often contain and process sensitive information by identifying vulnerabilities in thick client applications that make your organization susceptible to an external or internal threat.

We provide a concise and comprehensive report with zero false positive, that details all the necessary aspects of your application that needs to be improved. Our web application security testing program provides the following benefits:

  • Meet application security testing requirements for clients
  • Discover vulnerabilities and ensure complete security from hackers
  • Strengthen the entire application development process
  • Prevention in loss of reputation resulting from any security incidents
  • Retention of customer confidence and prevention of any monetary loss

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