Secure configuration audit helps in safeguarding the organization’s assets from ever increasing cyberthreats and data breach. Configuration audits provide a mechanism for understanding the degree to which the current state of network and system servers is consistent with the latest cybersecurity baseline requirements, aiding in improvising a greater visibility over the infrastructure, system, databases and services or applications running on critical systems.

Network Server

The audit aims at checking every facet of your network for the vulnerabilities hackers exploit to gain access. The policies and practices adopted helps to prevent and monitor unauthorized access,unauthorized traffic, misuse, modification, or denial of a network component and network-accessible resources. The audit process is carried out in various phases to ensure planning and concise delivery as per latest security frameworks like NIST, MITRE etc

The configuration process also helps to gather information and comprehension the state of

  • User Access Control On Systems

  • Password And Account Policies

  • Services And Applications Running On Critical Systems

  • The Current Set Of Missing Security Patches


QRC formulates an end to end plan to conduct a secure configuration review that ascertains that all the vital aspects of the IT system configuration are monitored and maintained to ensure safeguards.

Pre-engagement phase

Scope definition of the systems under review with automated and manual collection of current configuration settings of the IT infrastructure.

Assessment process

We then conduct a thorough multiple assessment of the system configurations like :

  • Network Infrastructure Review

  • Firewall rules review and validation

  • User and User Groups validations

  • Logs and Backup process reviews

  • Network access points identification

  • Server status review to ensure that system hasn't been compromised or blacklisted

  • Verify and validate the network monitoring activities

  • Reviewing that the system and networks are uptodate against the vulnerabilities.


Post secure configuration audit, we assess the finding and provide a risk rating with detailed descriptions of unsafe findings and discuss those findings with administrators to better understand the client’s environment and provide recommendations for a remediation strategy

All assessments undergo a number of technical and quality assurance phases.


IT resources are a prime asset for any business organization, considering the amount of sensitive data they process on a regular basis. A regular secure configuration audit can help in securing them against any cybercrime attack or information crisis. The assessment helps in

  • Identification of security weaknesses inherently present in the systems and then prioritizing them based on the impact they can have on the business.

  • Tracking configuration changes and understanding the differences in their configurations.

  • Planning necessary actions for filling gaps found during review.

  • Enabling preventive action to avoid security breach of your organisation systems / servers.

  • Ensure your servers systems are secure, up to date.

  • Assist in achieving compliance certifications and protecting data integrity and availability.

  • Improve performance and making systems scalable for future needs.

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