PCI Secure SLC (Secure Software Lifecycle) Standard as one of the PCI SSF standards, focuses on implementing security concepts and activities throughout the entire software development lifecycle. As a component of the new PCI Secure Software Framework standard. put forth by the PCI Standard Security Council, to govern the associated validations related to the design and development of modern payment software systems.

Secure SLC is the first PCI standard that focuses on the vendor’s software development process. The new standard helps to mature SLC practices in the development phase itself to ensure their payment software can protect payment transactions, minimize vulnerabilities and defend against attacks.

The standard is designed to support a wider range of technologies, payment software types, and development methodologies compared to PA-DSS, addressing key security principles like “governance, threat identification, change management, secure software updates, and stakeholder communications.”.

The standard maintains a mature process for managing software security skills for secure development personnel. PCI Secure SLC standard focuses on:

  • building an environment for secure software development, change control, and management

  • improving communications for secure deployment, configuration and software updates.

  • better security guidelines that can be easily implemented within current industry accepted SDLC practices.

what we offer

The key to implementing robust security controls lies in identifying the right scope, recognizing the difference between compliance and security and in sustaining compliance after successful control implementation.


Business Understanding

Evaluating business process and environment to understand the in-scope elements


Scope Finalization

Finalize the scope elements and prepare the requirement documentation


Readiness Assessment

Identify the potential challenges that might arise during requirement implementation


Risk Assessment

Identifying and analysing the risks in the information security posture.


Data Flow Assessment

Conduct code review with automated & manual approach to identify system vulnerabilities


PCI SLC Documentation Support

Assist you with list of policy and procedure to help you in validation or evidence collection


Remediation Support

Support you by recommending solutions to compliance challenges


Awareness Training

Conduct awareness sessions for your Team and personnel involved in the scope


Scans And Testing

Identify critical vulnerabilities in your system with a robust testing approach


Evidence Review

Review of the evidence collected to assess their maturity, in line with the compliance


Final Assessment and Attestation

Post successful assessment, we get you attested for compliance with our audit team


Continuous Compliance Support

Support you in maintaining compliance by providing guidelines

frequently asked questions

The Secure SLC Standard verifies that your software design and execution methodology is compatible with the security policies and controls. This is not a technical examination rather, we are validating processes, policies, and procedures.

On the other hand, the Secure Software Standard examines the overall security of a particular piece of software.

As a result, your company may be certified for having a Secure Software Lifecycle and may also receive individual Secure Software Standard validations for each payment software product you create.

The PCI Secure SLC Standard is developed for software vendors that develop payment software. The security standard states requirements that help software vendors conform to best practices throughout the development cycle of the payment software.

The PCI Software Security Framework is separate and independent from PA-DSS. While the PCI Software Security Framework includes elements of PA-DSS, the Framework represents a new approach for securely designing and developing both existing and future payment software.

PA-DSS was designed specifically for payment applications used in a PCI DSS environment. The PCI Software Security Framework is designed to support a broader array of payment software types, technologies, and development methodologies in use today and also support future technologies and use cases.

The Secure Software Standard and Secure SLC Standard are two separate, independent standards. While both standards address some of the same concepts, each standard approaches those concepts from a different perspective (i.e., secure software development processes in the Secure SLC Standard, secure functionality and security features in the Secure Software Standard). 

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