Network Security Review

Network Security Review

Network infrastructure today are an ever growing and valuable resources for an IT business considering the zillions of sensitive data they process. Resulting, they attract the attention of cyber criminals and are under continuous scrutiny of being compromised. Hence, it becomes crucial for any business to safeguard their network against any kind of attack, breach etc.

Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access,unauthorized traffic, misuse, modification, or denial of a network component and network-accessible resources.

Due to the continuous growth in number of cyber security threats and rapidly changing technologies , Network Security should be on a very high priority for any business.

QRC formulates an end to end plan to conduct security review that ascertains that all the vital aspects of the network security are considered and validated as according to the various security frameworks. The multiple components of a network security review can be stated as below:

  • Network Infrastructure Review
  • Firewall rules review and validation
  • User and User Groups validations
  • Logs review
  • Backup process review
  • Network access points identification
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments
  • Verify and validate the network monitoring activities
  • Submit “Network Security Review Report”

Computer Networks are prime assets for any business organization considering the pass amount of sensitive data they process. A regular network security check can go long way in securing them against any data attack.

The regular check assist in:

  • Identification of security weaknesses inherently present in the network and then prioritizing them based on the impact they can have on the business.
  • Plan necessary actions for filling gaps found during review.
  • Protection of proprietary information from attack

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