CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor

CERT-In Empanelled Security Auditor

Under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, the Government of India has created a panel of ‘IT security auditing organisations’ named CERT-IN empanelled organisations for assessing the security and auditing systems, networks, websites and applications of public sector organisations along with other segments. The certification is an initiative by the government for tackling unforeseen challenges in the information security sector.

On successful completion of the audit as per the CERT-In guideline, we issue an assessment report as per compliance requirements.

QRC is CERT-IN empanelled qualified IT Security Auditor. acknowledged for its expertise based on rigorous empanelment procedure,  in providing information security assessment and compliance services. Our certified professionals adhere to data security measures and ensure adopting best practices and benchmarks as recommended by CERT-IN with the objective of securing cyberspace.

CERT-IN Empanelment indicates that the empanelled organization has adequate competency in, security technology, security processes, security controls, security trends, fact collection & reporting, have high ethics and morals, experience and maturity in interacting with senior management and creating trust, understand the consequences of their actions and finally understand & ensure there is no conflict of interest.

As a CERT-IN empanelled body, our qualified auditors support organizations in identifying the risks by performing assessment and recommending adequate controls to maintain the cyber security posture. 

CERT-IN Audit for Vulnerability Assessment
QRC conducts internal and external vulnerability assessments of the organization, auditing their network, systems and applications to identify potential weaknesses in the IT infrastructure.

CERT-IN Audit for Penetration Testing
As an empaneled organization, QRC will conduct Penetration Testing of Networks, Systems and Applications of Government bodies, PSU organisations and any other organizations that are mandated to undergo Information Security Audit at a defined frequency. 

Improve Client’s Credibility

CERT-IN audits allow our clients to be proactive in identifying vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, and validating the effectiveness of their current security safeguards.

Strengthen the Security posture 

Evaluating the security defense by assessing the system and components for unknown vulnerabilities helps in revealing potential threats, thereby aiding organizations to avoid security breach. 

Efficient Data Management
Assessing your IT infrastructure will help to identify precisely what sensitive information you hold, providing the scope to organize storages and refine data management processes.

Readiness to comply with other standards

Stringent security assessment of your organization helps you to  prepare in complying with requirements of other international standards like PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27701, HIPAA, SOC, GDPR etc.

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