P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) compliance refers to adherence to a set of security standards and practices designed to protect payment card data during transactions. In P2PE, sensitive cardholder data is encrypted at the point of interaction when a card is swiped, dipped, or keyed in, and remains encrypted until it reaches the payment processor, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud.

What is PCI P2PE Compliance ?

The PCI P2PE v3.1 standard defines both security requirements and testing procedures for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions and components, with the objective to facilitate development, approval, and deployment of PCI-approved P2PE solutions.

P2PE aims to enhance the security of payment transactions by transforming sensitive card information into an encrypted format, reducing the workload for retailers. This contemporary technology guarantees the safety and confidentiality of cardholder data at two critical junctures:

1. The Point of Transaction initiation: When the card is inserted or swiped into the device during checkout.
2. The Point of Transaction authorization: When the bank validates the transaction and transmits a response to the checkout device.

P2PE compliance is applicable to organizations that handle payment card data, including retailers, e-commerce businesses, hospitality providers, healthcare organizations, and any other entities that accept card payments.

P2PE can be certified:

1. P2PE Solution : Inclues P2PE Components, P2PE Application

2. P2PE Components :

a. Encryption Management Services (EMS)

i. Encryption Management Component Provider (EMCP)

ii. POI Deployment Component Provider (PDCP)

iii. POI Management Component Provider (PMCP)

b. Decryption Management Services (DMS)

i. Decryption Management Component Provider (DMCP)

c. Key Management Services (KMS)

i. Key Injection Facility (KIF)

ii. Key Management Component Provider (KMCP)

iii. Key Loading Component Provider (KLCP)

iv. Certification Authority/Registration Authority (CA/RA)

What We Offer

Our PCI P2PE v3.1 Certification and Compliance service offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges, providing you with the expertise and support needed to safeguard your business and your customers' sensitive information.


Solution Understanding

Reviewing the solution, components, applications as per the latest v3.1 control requirements


Scope Finalization

Finalize the scope elements and prepare the requirement documentation


Readiness Assessment

Identify the potential challenges that might arise during PCI P2PE v3.1 requirement implementation


Scans And Testing

Identify critical vulnerabilities in your system with a robust testing approach


Risk Assessment

Identifying and analyzing the risks in the information security posture of the in-scope environment


Data Flow Assessment

Conducting thorough systems analysis to evaluate data flow and possible leakages in the infra


Evidence Review

Review of the evidence collected to assess their maturity, in line with the compliance


Documentation Support

: Assist you with list of policy and procedure to help you in validation or evidence collection


Remediation Support

Support you by recommending solutions to compliance challenges


Awareness Training

Conduct awareness sessions for your Team and personnel involved in the scope


Final Assessment and Attestation

Post successful assessment, we get you attested for compliance with our audit team


Continuous Compliance Support

Support you in maintaining compliance by providing guidelines

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