Data Discovery Scan

Data Discovery Scan

QRC dataFinder is a data Discovery tool used to identify the storage of plaintext sensitive information such as Card Holder Data (CHD), Aadhaar card data (Indian citizens unique identification number) or any sensitive stored information within the scoped environment or the systems in the scope for the scan.

QRC dataFinder is an inhouse & robust software application that enables the user to scan servers, desktops, laptops or servers located in on-premise or cloud environment to perform the scan on filesystems and users can also scan various database systems like MySQL, Cloud database systems etc. and database technologies.

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The Data Discovery scan is performed OffSite provided the clients to ensure connectivity for the target systems. However even in situations where the client’s IT resources are below requirement, and OnSite assessment can be conducted as well.

The entire Data Discovery scan is completed in minimal steps as follows:

  • Installing the Server Agent File on a master system
  • Installing the Host Agent File on the rest of the system in the network
  • Run the Scan, after all the necessary details have been updated
  • Report generation in excel format
  • Cloud-based tool allows less consumption of infrastructure & network resources
  • Scales down 50%-60% of the compliance time and helps the organisation achieve compliance goals with ease.
  • Automated report to assist in meeting compliance requirements with ease
  • User-defined search criteria and functionalities to schedule periodic scan
  • Improved validation algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Extract and realize insights from the data stored in the critical systems

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