VAPT Services and Solutions

VAPT Services and Solutions

VAPT Service Overview

Security Audits are necessary and mandatory for continuous evaluation of the security safeguards for any organization.

Vulnerability Assessment is a process of discovering flaws that affect an information system. It is an in-depth evaluation of security weaknesses in the organization as well as providing the appropriate mitigation procedures required to either eliminate those weaknesses or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk. Vulnerability Assessment identifies any flaw in an organization’s system that is present internally or externally.

Penetration Testing, on the other hand, is meant to identify the potential security vulnerabilities and the possible exploits of those vulnerabilities that if exploited by unauthorized users can cause an impact on the organization ranging from financial or sensitive information leakage, user account takeover or complete access to the target organization’s environment.

Penetration Testing can be used to find flaws in Specifications, Architecture, Implementation, Software, Hardware etc and can be performed from an internal network or externally.

Application Security Assessments are forms of security testing,which exposes weaknesses or flaws in a Web/Mobile/API/Web Services/Thick client Applications, also termed as an art of finding ways to exploit Web/Mobile Application.

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

Our team of certified security professionals carry out the VAPT on an application or system using a defined methodology that enables concise analysis of the security posture of the system

The Web Application security Assessments are also most sought to owe their wide usage and security exposure surface. QRC follows the following approach for application security assessment.


During the entire security assessment process, our clients are kept up to date with the ongoing progress by means reporting at each stage

  1. Introduction Phase
    Include Scope, Objective, Approach and Pre-requisites to be followed
  2. Process Summary:
    Includes High-Level findings with visualization
  3. Technical Reporting:
    Vulnerability reporting with CVE ratings
    Mitigation recommendations
  4. Conclusion:
    Final Reporting

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  1. Security assessment helps to provide a detailed view & identification of vulnerabilities in business applications and IT infrastructure.
  2. Validation of effectiveness of current security safeguards
  3. Provision of detailed remediation steps to detect existing flaws.
  4. VAPT assessed applications are more secure and hence promote in enhancing data security and protecting your intellectual property.
  5. Be prepared to comply with requirements of standards like PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, SOC, GDPR etc.
  6. If integrated as a part of the application development phase, promotes an efficient and responsible way to build a secure application.

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