PCI SSS is the revised version for the previous PA DSS standard The new standard is coupled with PCI SLC to form PCI SSF altogether. The standard applies to the security characteristics, controls,features, and functionalities that payment software must possess and maintain throughout its lifecycle.

Secure Software Standards consist of two parts,

  • Secure Software Core Requirements

  • Module A Account Data Protection.

The standard focuses on ensuring that applications are maintained in a manner that protects payment transactions and data, minimizing the vulnerabilities, and defending itself from any security attacks.

Validation against PCI SSS helps assure that Payment Software is developed with security to protect the integrity of the software and the confidentiality of sensitive data it captures, stores, processes, and transmits. Adhering to PCI SSS will ease the organization to verify the software is properly configured and meets applicable PCI DSS requirements.

What We Offer

The key to implementing robust security controls lies in identifying the right scope, recognizing the difference between compliance and security and in sustaining compliance after successful control implementation.


Business Understanding

Evaluating business process and environment to understand the in-scope elements


Scope Finalization

Finalize the scope elements and prepare the requirement documentation


Readiness Assessment

Identify the potential challenges that might arise during requirement implementation


Risk Assessment

Identifying and analyzing the risks in the information security posture.


Secure Code Review

Conduct code review with automated & manual approach to identify system vulnerabilities


PCI SSS Documentation Support

Assist you with list of policy and procedure to help you in validation or evidence collection


Remediation Support

Support you by recommending solutions to compliance challenges


Awareness Training

Conduct awareness sessions for your Team and personnel involved in the scope


Scans And Testing

Identify critical vulnerabilities in your system with a robust testing approach


Evidence Review

Review of the evidence collected to assess their maturity, in line with the compliance


Final Assessment and Attestation

Post successful assessment, we get you attested for compliance with our audit team


Continuous Compliance Support

Support you in maintaining compliance by providing guidelines

frequently asked questions

The procedures and security controls that must be used to achieve a specific security target are specified by PA-DSS regulations. The SSF is in favour of the Customized Approach in PCI DSS version 4.0 and the PCI 3-D Secure (3DS) security standards, which describe security criteria as security objectives and allow for more flexibility in how requirements are accomplished. 

This method, known as "goal-based," acknowledges that there are frequently numerous approaches to achieve a specific security aim.

The Secure Software Standard is intended for payment software/applications that are sold, distributed, or licensed to third parties. This includes payment software intended to be installed on customer systems as well as payment software deployed to customers ”as a service” over the Internet.

The exceptions to Secure Software Standard, include the applications developed in-house for the sole use of the company that developed the software. Also, the softwares that are developed and sold to a single customer for the sole use of that customer fall in the exception.

Payment software validations for PCI Secure Software Standard have a three-year expiration. For more information on revalidations and the process for managing changes, details can be found here . 

Alert boxes are used quite often to stand out the information that requires immediate attention of the end users such as warning, error or confirmation messages.
Alert boxes are used quite often to stand out the information that requires immediate attention of the end users such as warning, error or confirmation messages.
Alert boxes are used quite often to stand out the information that requires immediate attention of the end users such as warning, error or confirmation messages.

A Validation or qualification under the PCI Software Security Framework does not imply or result in validation to any other PCI standard. However, elements of other PCI standards and programs may be incorporated under the PCI Software Security Framework at some point in the future. If and when that will occur will be communicated well in advance of any transition from an existing or future standard or program to the PCI Software Security Framework.

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