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June 24 , 2021 14:00 IST   | English
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"PA DSS to PCI-SSF : Everything that you need to know about the transition“ is a part of our initiative by wherein we will discuss multiple aspects of the newly introduced PCI SSF program and the key aspects to be taken care of while transitioning from its predecessor , the PCI PA DSS.  Since new applications for PA DSS would be accepted only until 30 June 2021, the live webinar will help you understand the impact of transition on your organization, important timelines of migration and aspects you need to be aware of as an existing PA-DSS Validated Payment Application vendor or service provider. 


The newly introduced PCI SSF is a blend of traditional and modern software security requirements and supports evolving technologies, software types, and development methodologies. We will cover in brief the applicability, eligibility, and benefits of adopting PCI SSF and the challenges organizations might face while transitioning over to the new standard. 


  • Understand the impact of PCI PA DSS - PCI SSF transition on your organization. 
  • Organization challenges while transitioning over from PCI PA DSS - PCI SSF and waythrough. 
  • Important timelines for pre-existing and new vendors looking to get PCI SSF certified. 
  • Brief overview on PCI SSF applicability, eligibility and benefits. 
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