Systems/Server Security Review

Systems/Server Security Review

Our system/server security assessment checks your systems/servers end to end, to ensure they are not compromised and there are no hidden vulnerabilities.

  1. Review that your systems/servers are up to date and secured against vulnerabilities.
  2. Perform server scanning to make sure your system/serverhas not been hacked, infected with malware or blacklisted.
  3. Perform complete scanning for underlying hardware or virtual issues such as storage problems, overheating, pre-failure conditions and more.
  1. Conduct the system/server security review from all the possible aspects such as patching, inventory management, access control, etc.
  2. Prepare and submit a formal system/server security review report.
  3. Discuss the review report with client and provide the recommendations for the closure of gaps identified if any.
  1. Take preventive action to avoid security breach of your organisation systems / servers.
  2. Ensure your servers systems are secure, up to date.


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29% of the application vulnerabilities are due to the insecure configurations / insecure deployment of the server and 15% of the network vulnerabilities are due to the use of unsupported web servers.

Source: Edgescan 2018 Vulnerability Statistics Report