Network Security Review

Network Security Review

Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.

In today’s era, due to the growing number of cyber security threats Network security should be a high priority.

Network Security Review

QRC’s network security review service covers an end-to-end verification and validations of your organisation network infrastructure considering the industry best network security practices.

QRC conducts the an end to end network security review that covers:

  1. Review compliance in line with organisation network policies
  2. Network Infrastructure Review
  3. Firewall rules review and validation
  4. User and User Groups validations
  5. Server configuration reviews
  6. Logs review
  7. Backup process review
  8. Network access points identification
  9. Data Discovery Scans
  10. Conducting vulnerability assessments
  11. Verify and validate the network monitoring activities
  12. Submit “Network Security Review Report”
  1. Combine multiple layers of defences in the network.
  2. Identify the security weaknesses within network.
  3. Prioritize them based on the impact they might have on your business
  4. Plan necessary actions for closure before the threat is materialized
  5. Protect proprietary information from attack


100% of corporate networks 'highly vulnerable' to attacks, here's how to secure yours

The report studied 2017 audits of 22 corporate systems belonging to companies across different industries, including IT, finance, retail, and transportation. Positive Technologies researchers were able to gain full control of infrastructure on every corporate networks they attempted to compromise. Only 7% of the systems studied were moderately difficult to access, the report found.