Business Impact Analysis

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a process that identifies and evaluates the potential effects (financial, life/safety, regulatory, legal/contractual, reputation and so forth) of natural and man-made events on business operations.

We build a foundation upon which an organization can develop effective response and recovery strategies to business uncertainties.

  1. Identify key business processes and functions.
  2. Establish requirements for business recovery.
  3. Determine resource interdependencies.
  4. Determine impact on operations.
  5. Develop priorities and classification of business processes and functions.
  6. Develop recovery time requirements.
  7. Determine financial, operational, and legal impact of disruption.
  1. Set strategic priorities that define the products and services that must be delivered during a disruptive situation and how quickly service delivery must resume.
  2. Establish recovery time frames that help the organization determine when resources need to be recovered and help in prioritizing risk treatment options and recovery strategies.