QRC Shines as Exhibit Partner at the 7th Edition of CISO Conclave

QRC Assurance And Solutions, a prominent player in the realm of quality and risk management, recently participated as an Exhibit Partner in the "7th Edition CISO Conclave & Awards 2023." Organized by UBS Forums Pvt. Ltd., the event unfolded at the Taj MG Road, Bengaluru, bringing together industry experts and professionals in the field of cybersecurity.

The QRC Assurance And Solutions team, represented by Vamsi Krishna, Jayathirtha, Sathish Sarma, and Sandesh Jain, showcased the company's commitment to cybersecurity solutions and its innovative approach to addressing the evolving challenges in information security.

Key Highlights of QRC Assurance And Solutions' Presence:

  • Exhibit Partner Showcase: QRC Assurance And Solutions set up an impressive exhibit, providing attendees with insights into the company's cutting-edge solutions and services in the realm of cybersecurity, quality, and risk management.
  • Engaging Conversations: The team had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with industry leaders and professionals. Conversations revolved around the latest trends in cybersecurity, compliance challenges, and strategies for mitigating cyber threats.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Vamsi Krishna, Jayathirtha, Sathish Sarma, and Sandesh Jain actively participated in knowledge-sharing sessions, contributing their expertise and gaining valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of information security.
  • Networking with Peers: The event provided a conducive environment for networking, enabling the QRC Assurance And Solutions team to establish connections with influential business leaders and potential collaborators.

Quotes from QRC Assurance And Solutions Team:

  • Vamsi Krishna, CEO – QRC Assurance, expressed his thoughts on the event, stating, "Participating in the CISO Conclave & Awards was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with fellow professionals in the cybersecurity domain. We are committed to staying at the forefront of security innovation and contributing to the collective efforts in safeguarding digital ecosystems."
  • Sandesh Jain, Manager – Customer Engagement, added, "Our presence at the event allowed us to showcase our holistic approach to quality and risk management. It was inspiring to witness the collective commitment of the industry towards enhancing cybersecurity measures."

The success of QRC Assurance And Solutions at the 7th Edition CISO Conclave & Awards 2023 reinforces the company's dedication to staying ahead in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. As the team continues to innovate and collaborate, QRC Assurance And Solutions is poised for further contributions to the cybersecurity landscape and the broader domain of quality and risk management.

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