QRC co-organize Indian Data Protection Summit'22 with FDPPI

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented growth of data and its usage in various aspects of life. As a result, data privacy and protection have become extremely important in this digitally-driven world. To address this, the QRC Assurance has partnered with Federation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) to organize the Indian Data Protection Summit’22 to bring together renowned practitioners, experts, and speakers to discuss the challenges of data privacy and protection, and to explore the opportunities that India offers in the data privacy landscape. 
The IDPS'22 summit, was a one-of-a-kind event that brought together thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss the future of data protection in India. The summit was held virtually and featured a series of panel discussions and debates that highlighted various aspects of the data protection landscape in India.
The main goal of the event was to facilitate dialogue and create a platform to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in data protection, privacy, and security. The summit also aimed to provide an opportunity for policy-makers, industry representatives, and technical experts to share their knowledge and ideas, and to learn from each other. Sessions comprised on data protection law, privacy policies, and technical approaches to data protection along with the panel discussions on emerging data protection trends, regulations, and best practices. 
The summit highlighted the issues of the ever-growing cyber threats, the importance of data protection and privacy policies, and the implications of data protection regulations both on a national and global level. The event also provided an open platform to discuss the opportunities for data protection in India and how to rise to the challenges posed by the use of data.  The event's key takeaways included the need to develop a comprehensive data protection framework in India, the importance of public-private collaboration in the data protection arena, and the need for organizations to make data protection a top priority. The experts also discussed some of the challenges that businesses are currently facing with regards to data protection, such as the lack of appropriate legislation and the inadequate enforcement of existing laws.
The panel discussions and debates also highlighted the need for organizations to adopt a “privacy-by-design” approach while developing products and services. The panelists also discussed the importance of protecting personal data and the need for organizations to be accountable for the data they collect.
The event concluded with the experts agreeing that data protection is a shared responsibility of businesses, governments, and individuals. The panelists also stressed the need for organizations to develop data privacy best practices and the importance of regulating the data protection landscape in India. 
The Indian Data Protection Summit ’22 was sure to be an event where companies, organizations and individuals can learn, engage and exchange ideas regarding data protection. As data privacy and security continue to be issues of great importance, QRC and FDPPI are proud to be organizing this event and showcasing the possibilities of data protection in India.

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