Quality Management System

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is the most prevalent standards defined under the ISO 9000 series, that specifies the requirements of a Quality Management System (QMS).

Regardless of the size or industry, ISO 9001 applies to any organization to help them organize and improvise efficiency of the business process and enhance business continuity, where 'Customer Satisfaction' is key to the business.

QRC provides the below listed pioneering, hassle-free and cost-effective services for the QMS Compliance:

1. QMS Consultancy

As your compliance partner, QRC will be assisting and assessing you at each step right from defining the scope until the implementation support.

2. Internal Audits

By conducting the QMS Internal Audits, QRC will provide you with the insights on status of implemented QMS Requirements, their compliance with the regulation and organisation policy procedure requirements -

  • Gaps/Risks pertaining to existing QMS Scope.
  • Overall QMS Compliance Posture of your Organisation

3. QMSGap Assessment

Gap Assessment is a great way to understand whether business and QMS compliance requirements have been met. Are there any gaps, and if yes, and what are the probable risks to your business?

While doing a gap assessment, our approved and certified auditors will have a closer look at your organisation business processes, various controls implemented, and existing and potential business requirements and compare it with the requirements of QMS.

4. Awareness Trainings& Implementation Workshops

Through the research and recent observations, employers have learned that one of the biggest reason for failure to comply is the lack of awareness amongst their employees about the compliance requirements.

Let QRC conduct the training and make your employees understand and get a hands-on implementation experience through our awareness training and implementation workshops.

5. QMS Annual Maintenance

Get all the services as mentioned above, and their benefits in one go with our “QMS Annual Maintenance Service” and ensure continual compliance with ISMS.

6. Integrate QMS with ISMS

In addition to the quality products and services, information security is of importance not just to the customers but also to the business. Any critical information breach could affect customer satisfaction and business reputation.

If you are already ISO/IEC 27001 Compliant and planning for ISO 9001 Compliance, or even planning for both these standard compliances in one go, QRC provides an efficient, cost-effective way to integrate these two so that your organisation meets requirements of both.

  1. Concisely prepared & documented execution plan, with defined milestones.
  2. QMS Scope Review and Finalisation
  3. Gap Assessment
  4. Risk Assessment & Management System Drafting
  5. Implementation Support
  6. Internal Audits and MRM
  7. Certification Audit Support

Increased credibility, trust and confidence of partners and customers:

ISO 9001 certificate acts a proof that your organisation values quality and that you have it checked regularly by an independent party. This commitment increases confidence in your organisation.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

ISO 9001 is developed on the principal to improve customer satisfaction by planning for and striving to meet customer requirements. Improved customer satisfaction, you will retain more repeat customers since happy and satisfied customers are the key to keeping customer loyalty, and such customers bring in additional revenues.

Higher Operational Efficiency:

Following the process level approach as per the specifications of ISO 9001, and making QMS an integral part of business, your organisation will have higher operational efficiency than organisations who do not.

Other Benefits:

  1. Minimum mistakes
  2. Improved reporting and communications
  3. Better quality products and service
  4. More reliable production scheduling and delivery

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