The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a development model created after a study of data collected from organizations that contracted with the U.S. Department of Defence, who funded the research.

The term "maturity" relates to the degree of formality and optimization of processes, from ad hoc practices, to formally defined steps, to managed result metrics, to active optimization of the processes.

QRC provides the below listed pioneering, hassle-free and cost-effective services for the CMMI Compliance:

1. CMMI Consultancy

Let QRC become your CMMI compliance partner, by assisting and assessing you at each step right from defining the scope until the implementation support.

2. CMMI Audits

By conducting the CMMI Audits, QRC will provide you the insights on:

  • Status of implemented CMMI Controls implemented, their compliance with the regulation and organization policy procedure requirements
  • Gaps/risks pertaining to existing CMMIScope.
  • Overall CMMI Compliance Posture of your Organisation

3. CMMIGap Assessment

  • Gap Assessment is great way to understand whether business and CMMI compliance requirements are being met. Are there any gaps, and if yes and what is the prbable impact of those gaps on your business?
  • While doing a gap assessment, our approved and certified auditors will have a closer look at your organization business processes, various controls implemented, and existing and potential business requirements and compare it with the requirements of CMMI.

4. Awareness Trainings

Through the research and recent observations, employers have learned that one of the biggest reason of failure to comply is the lack of awareness amongst their employees about the compliance requirements.

Let QRC conduct the trainings and make your employees understand the CMMI requirements.

  1. Well documented execution plan along with milestones.
  2. Process Asset Documentation Review, Updates
  3. Maturity Level Implementation Planning and Execution
  4. Metrics Feasibility Study Report
  5. Conduct Metrics Analysis
  6. Prediction Model Assessment
  7. OPM (Organizational Performance Management) Plan Assessment and Implementation
  8. CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution) Plan Assessment and Implementation
  9. Organizational Metrics Management Assessment
  10. Alignment Analysis for Project and Business Objectives Trainings
  • Build of Process Culture in Organization
  • Accuracy in the Process Improvement Framework
  • Real-time benefits related to effective schedule management, efficiency, effort management and cost-reduction.
  • Standardize of Best Practices.
  • Better control over Project Management and its different parameters


SQC announces CMMI V2.0 model in India

CMMI V2.0, is a major upgrade with a completely re-branded and redesigned model that is more modern, agile and replaces the earlier V1.3 with the best practices.