CMMI Compliance

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process-level improvement development model promoted for an organization to improve performance. CMMI defines five Maturity levels and three Capability levels. Being comprised of a set of Process Areas, each area is intended be adapted to the culture and behaviours as per the organization. Unlike other regulations CMMI focuses on what behaviours need to be defined.

In this way, CMMI is a “behavioural model” and well as a “process model.”

The program was created after a study of data collected from organizations that contracted with the U.S. Department of Defence, who funded the research.

CMMI recognizes quantifiable business objectives, and helps to build better products and services

Assessment Process

Unlike other Compliance regulations, CMMI doesn’t have a certification let alone an assessment methodology to determine the organization’s stature on the performance scale. As your compliance partner, QRC provides the below listed pioneering, hassle-free and cost-effective services for the CMMI Compliance:

1. CMMI Consultancy

As your CMMI compliance partner, QRC will assist and assess you at each step right from defining the scope until the implementation support.

2. CMMI Audits

By conducting the CMMI Audits, QRC will provide you the insights on:

  • Status of implemented CMMI Controls implemented, their compliance with the regulation and organization policy procedure requirements
  • Gaps/risks pertaining to existing CMMIScope.
  • Overall CMMI Compliance Posture of your Organisation

3. CMMIGap Assessment

  • Gap Assessment is an excellent way to understand whether business and CMMI compliance requirements are being met. Are there any gaps, and if yes and what is the probable impact of those gaps on your business?
  • While doing a gap assessment, our approved and certified auditors will have a closer look at your organization business processes, various controls implemented, and existing and potential business requirements and compare it with the requirements of CMMI.

4. Awareness Training

Through the research and recent observations, employers have learned that one of the biggest reasons for failure to comply is the lack of awareness amongst their employees about the compliance requirements.

We at QRC will conduct awareness training workshops and sessions for CMMI requirements for the employees.

CMMI allows to have a better visibility of the inputs and outputs from projects. The process framework helps to create to good metrics-based review mechanism system. This helps the management to obtain minute details at regular intervals using good derived metrics. The following can also be added to the list of benefits from implementing CMMI framework in one’s organization as a part of daily practices

  • Time efficient and improvisation of decision-making process.
  • Build of Process Culture in Organization
  • Accuracy in the Process Improvement Framework
  • Real-time benefits related to effective schedule management, efficiency, effort management, and cost-reduction.
  • Standardize of Best Practices.

Better control over Project Management and its different parameters

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