Systems/Server Security Review

Systems/Server Security Review

Our system/server security assessment checks your systems/servers end to end, to ensure they are not compromised and there are no hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Review that your systems/servers are up to date and secured against vulnerabilities.
  • Perform server scanning to make sure your system/server has not been hacked, infected with malware or blacklisted.
  • Perform complete scanning for underlying hardware or virtual device issues such as storage problems, overheating, pre-failure conditions, and more.
  1. Conduct the system/server security review from all the possible aspects such as patching, inventory management, access control, etc.
  2. Prepare and submit a formal system/server security review report.
  3. Discuss the review report with the client and provide the recommendations for the closure of gaps identified if any.
  • Take preventive action to avoid security breach of your organisation systems / servers.
  • Ensure your servers systems are secure, up to date.

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