QRC GRC Manager

QRC GRC Manager

Solution Description

QRC GRC Manager is a compliance manager, carefully tailored to provide a centralized platform to manage and track all your compliance risk, requirements & activities. It ensures proper collection, GRC information management and replacing inefficient business governance process by a user friendly, resilient and robust framework.

QRC GRC helps compliance managers and IT professionals to manage, maintain and track all their Governance, Risk & Compliance activities essential to their business operations.

  • Customize the entire platform functionalities as per your usage and business requirement.
  • Platform outlook design to manage and adhere to all the GRC requirements.
  • Concise Document Management System.
  • Group functionalities enables appropriate ease of collaboration and assigning roles to individuals.
  • Streamlined process allows end to end process transparency to the user.
  • Concise organization allows ease of management of all compliances at a single point
  • East administrative functionalities to enable effective end to end project management
  • Customized dashboards provide a hawk eyes view of all the ongoing projects.
  • Track Ability ensure that timely overview over the project progress as per the deadlines
  • Automated Report generation to recall the overall the project status periodically
  • Enabling organization to develop their own organizations Knowledgebase for internal resources
  • Evidence collection functionalities helps to avoid any overhead of iterations.
QRC GRC Manager

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