QRC Data Discovery Tool

QRC Data Discovery Tool

Solution Description

QRC Data Discovery Tool is a cloud-based tool used to detect and identify the storage of plaintext sensitive information such as Card Holder Data (CHD), Aadhaar card data (Indian citizens unique identification number) or any sensitive stored information within the scoped environment or the systems in the scope for the scan. It enables enterprises to manage and maintain data as per standards of compliance regulations, enabling scanning of petabytes if data stores in various database systems.

The QRC Date Discovery Tool can be used to extract insights and patterns of sensitive data stored in business-critical systems supports large number of file formats.

The QRC Data Discovery Tool packs up extensive file support and scanning ability, supporting multiple platforms with an ease to install and operate.

Effectively runs and scans the servers, databases, systems on the network.

Supporting Major Platforms (not restricted to):

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • BSD
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • HPUX
  • Solaris, IBM AIX

Extensive File Type Support

  • Supports scanning of various file formats text, zip, programming files, databases, MS office files such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .msg, .pdf, .jpg, .png etc.

Scanning Ability

  • Provides option to customise the scan locations
  • Capable of conducting:
    • System Scan (HDD, Network Drives, Mapped Folders)
    • Application Server Scan
    • Database Scan (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc)
    • Email Server Scan (MS Exchange, Office 365, IMAP etc)
  • Clear reporting of scan results.
  • Minimum false-positives
  • A scan report is delivered to the client with a well-classified in scope detail of the date stored on the systems
  • Cloud based tool allows less consumption of infrastructure & network resources
  • Scales down 50%-60% of the compliance time and helps organisation achieve compliance goals with ease.
  • Automated report to assist in meeting compliance requirements with ease
  • User defined search criteria and functionalities to schedule periodic scan
  • Improved validation algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Extract and realize insights from the data stored in the critical systems
QRC Data Discovery Tool

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