MPAA Compliance

MPAA commits to protect rights of those who create entertainment content such as creative arts, software etc.

QRC has been fore-runner in providing assessment and advisory services in Governance, Risk and Compliance. We will assist you in providing:

  • SOC Advisory Services
  • SOC Assessments
  1. Well execution plan along with milestones.
  2. Regular status report to all concerned personnel for better visibility of the project.
  3. Providing ongoing regular training to all interested parties.
  4. Customize everything as per the client requirements.
  5. Provide a well suitable/acceptable solution to a client considering the financial impact.
  6. Conduct workshops.
  7. Regular Brainstorming session with all interested parties for better conclusions documented.
  1. Ensure confidentiality of content.
  2. Ensure no one can steal the content.
  3. Implement and ensure security of the pre-release content.

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